Cleaning Services

Student Block Cleaning

We love the challenge of a student check out clean. Our eye for attention to details makes us unique. We can clean during Spring, Summer, Autumn and winter. Our flexibility allows us to work with a date and time that fit’s around your schedule. Our staff are trained to comply with covid- 19 cleaning risk.

Property Management Cleans

Our Vision for Cleanliness puts the team at the forefront for what we want to achieve, that is a sparkly and irresistible welcoming environment. First impression is the heart of every property that tells the clients, visitors and occupiers the level of standard to expect throughout at all times.

Higher Education

 We have a skill team already experience in this field of service. From nursey, school to Independent college. Our attention to detail and going the extra mile allows the staff, visitors and students to feel at home in and comfortable and safe environment. If your cleaning is being compromise, don’t settle for second best.

Builders clean

MaxWhit Services carry out new-build cleaning for all types of residential homes. Our process works by carrying out a builders cleaning, sparkle clean and if you require a reclean which sometimes can leave a bit of dust behind we do it all.

End of Lease

If you are coming to end of your lease for your commercial, residential property or Unit. We are the right company for the job. No job too big or small that we can’t handle. We have a team that is highly experience to get the job done.

Carpet and Upholstery

Our modern equipment can tackle any carpet cleans and upholstery cleaning. We use the latest prochem chemicals for many years and the result is just assume. However, if your carpet has not be regular cleaned don’t worry too much,

Kitchen deep cleaning

We love a challenge of a commercial deep cleaning as this type of clean can be very tricky but with the right team and the tools to do the job, what better way to use our service. We will go back to basics with our cleaning on our hands and needs to ensure your kitchen comes out new and sparkly again.

Office Cleaning

MaxWhit Services have the skills, knowledge and expertise in office cleaning. Our dedicated team not only clean your premises but they have an eye for attention to detail cutting no corners. So you know you are getting your money’s worth. With a long working hours day after day

Commercial deep cleaning

We love a challenge of a commercial deep cleaning this is what we do best. Our team are not afraid to dive in and get the job done. Sometimes paying a bit extra will make you feel like it is well worth it. Remember if you pay less you get a basic job done, try choosing to pay a bit more the right price for a commercial deep cleaning,

Periodic deep cleaning

If you would like periodic deep cleaning for your premises to ensure a healthly, clean working environment, contact us for a free consultation. We also provide regular flexiable contract cleaning services.

Additional cleaning services

If you require additional services such as deep carpet cleaning, washroom and janitorial supplies or internal window cleaning,We are hear for you.


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