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1 Ply White Roll Towel PK 6

£27.50 +VAT
White continuous roll towels suitable for use in hygiene conscious environments. Enigma white continuous roll towels are available in 1 ply 150m rolls. These means the only sheet touched is the one that is used, therefore reducing cross contamination.

Beer Line Cleaner 5L

£7.52 +VAT
A powerful cleaner and steriliser for beer lines and pumps to maintain beer in perfect condition.

Cream Cleaner 300ML Lemon Fragranced Cream Cleaner

£1.06 +VAT
A Cream Cleaner with a fresh lemon fragrance. A smooth, mildly abrasive, creamy liquid containing surfactants, which freshens as it cleans. Cream Cleaner cleans away body fats, grease and scum lines from sinks, taps and surfaces, leaving a clean shine. Ideal for cleaning hard surfaces in washroom, kitchens, utility rooms and shower areas.

Disposable white aprons Flat (pack of 50)

£2.50 +VAT
Lightweight disposable aprons for all levels of hygiene for all sectors such as workplaces, schools, catering and care environments

Food Safe Bactericidal Cleaner 5L

£7.98 +VAT
Description An odourless food safe cleaner that removes build-ups of grease and grime from hard surfaces. It contains a bactericide and is effective against most common forms of bacteria, making it ideal for use in kitchens and food preparation areas.

Food Safe Degreaser 5L

£6.52 +VAT


Removes grease, fat and oil from a variety of surfaces. Ideal for use in food preparation areas due to its lack of odour. Instructions Dilute 1 part with 20 parts of water (250ml to 5 litres) for degreasing. Dilute 1 part with 75 parts of water for light duty cleaning (70ml to 5 litres). Spray or wipe diluted cleaner onto the surface, leave to react for a few seconds, and then wipe the dirt off with a clean damp cloth which should be frequently rinsed in clean water. When dry, surfaces may be polished with a dry cloth. Never use neat and always rinse off. CODE: 6698/01

Food Safe Sanitizer 5L

£6.42 +VAT
It is effective against most common forms of bacteria including MRSA, making it ideal for use in kitchens, food preparation areas, hospitals and nursing homes.

Greyland Drain Unblocker

£4.80 +VAT
Drain Unblocker removes heavy organic residues from bathroom and kitchen drains without damaging PVC piping or stainless steel. Pour the entire contents (or as much as required) of the bottle into the plug hole. Leave for an hour or preferably overnight. Solution will drain away when drain is unblocked. Flush thoroughly with hot water from the tap. Repeat if necessar

Greyland Kitchen Degreaser RTU

£2.30 +VAT
A powerful multi-purpose RTU cleaner degreaser. This food safe, odourless degreaser can be used on all hard surfaces especially in kitchens and food preparation areas. Spray neat product onto the surface, leave to react for a few seconds then wipe off the dirt with a clean, damp cloth, rinse the cloth frequently in clean water.

Greyland Oven Cleaner 5L

£8.40 +VAT
Oven Cleaner effectively cleans grease and charred food from ovens and grills. Ensure that the oven is switched off. Apply neat product onto all surfaces of a warm oven. Scrub heavy, burnt on deposits with a brush/scouring pad if required. Leave product on to react for 15 minutes, scrub, then rinse off thoroughly.