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Optima Proclean 10 Large Sponge Scourers

£2.92 +VAT
Optima proclean sponge is ideal for the removal of stubborn marks

Optima Proclean Micro General Purpose Microfibre

£1.50£9.99 +VAT
Shine Microfibre Cloth, will clean glass, mirrors etc without leaving smears and will also use dry for dusting. Sectors used Catering and kitchen, Hospital and Care homes, Automobile, Industrial, Offices & Construction, Dentist and Clinics

Optima Proclean Scouring Pads Pack 10

£8.20 +VAT
The Optima Proclean Standard Grade Scouring Pads remove stubborn marks such as burnt on food and with ease.

Ramon ‘Contract’ Dishcloths 30x35cm (10 pack)

£2.95 +VAT
Available with over locking in the 4 hygiene colours, which can help prevent against cross contamination and also identify their area of use for improved cleaning regimes.

Ramon ‘Contract’ General Purpose Microfibre Cloths Ramon (Pack 10)

£9.90 +VAT
Designed for the contract cleaner, the Ramon Contract microfibre cloth is suitable on all surfaces and will remove grease, dust, dirt and bacteria with ease.

Samson De Luxe Pack of 5 Large Dish Cloths, White

£3.35 +VAT
Deal for kitchen and domestic use. It can be machine washed and also boiled to refresh.

White Dishcloths Pack 8

£1.99 +VAT
Pack of white stockinette dishcloths are absorbent and durable. Can be boil or bleach to refresh.